The first step is the ONLINE CONSULTATION. For this you must complete the consultation form or send an e-mail


The aesthetic and functional desires should be clearly explained. It is also important to attach photos from different angles: front view, profile, three-quarter view .These can be taken with a digital camera or cell phone; this means there is no need for professional photos. Dr. Sarmiento personally assess both the pictures and the case, decide the best course of action and envision a goal for the surgical result. Almost all communication is done by e-mail; patients are welcome to ask all the questions and concerns they may have, which are personally answered by Dr. Sarmiento.


Patients are advised to stay in Buenos Aires for about 10 /15 days. You should arrange your trip so that your consultation is made on the first day of your arrival and the surgery done the following. Depending on the surgery, the patient can return to his/her hotel the same day, and keep in touch with Dr. Sarmiento. On the next days, post surgical checks are made at his office. Exception: those traveling from Uruguay can return to their country the day after the operation and come back to Buenos Aires for follow up 12-15 days later.


Dr. Sarmiento is the only one who evaluates the case and perform the surgery with his team. The organization and communication is done mainly by e-mail, nevertheless, patients are also welcome to make phone calls to define details and clear out doubts. For all cases, a PERSONAL CONSULTATION is arranged in advance a day or two before the surgery. In this consultation, patients meet Dr. Sarmiento in person for the first time and he evaluates the case, takes professional pictures and assesses the patient. During this consultation you speak at ease and different surgery options are analysed again; you are given advice on the best course of action to be taken and all the details are arranged.


Yes. All patients undergoing surgery must have pre-op tests done. The studies include:

1. Blood Tests: CBC, glucose, urea, coagulation and HIV serology (optional).
2. Preoperative cardiac risk assessment
3. Other studies like mammary ultrasonography (breast augmentation surgery)

These studies can be performed either in your city of residence or in Buenos Aires, days before the operation or even on the same day of surgery. Patients are recommended to have their pre-op tests done in advance, prior to the consultation so as to have the results previously checked. Most of the times these studies are often performed here in Buenos Aires.


The Hotel’s choice will depend on the patient’s preference and its closeness to our offices and surgical centers. We recommend the following neighborhoods: Palermo, Belgrano, Recoleta, Microcentro (downtown area) and Barrio Norte, which are quite close to both the office and the surgical centers. Eventually we can provide a list of suggested hotels.


The Airport “Ministro Pistarini” known as Ezeiza (EZE aeronautical nomenclature) is for international arrivals. It is 25 km from the City of Buenos Aires, an estimated driving time of 50 minutes.

The Aeroparque “Jorge Newbery” (AEP) is the airport for national and regional traffic. It is quite centrally located in Buenos Aires, 15 minutes from Dr. Sarmiento’s office and the surgical center.


Most patients usually arrive one or two days before surgery. After the personal consultation, patients often go sightseeing. After surgery , we recommend staying at the hotel for two days without leaving. After those two days, you will be able to go for short walks and to travel by taxi or tour bus.


All patients are given the cellphone numbers of Dr. Sarmiento, which are available to take care of their patients.


The controls usually scheduled are two or three, depending on the time of your stay. If necessary, there will be more controls. When you return to your country, you can continue free consultations via e-mail. If you come back to Buenos Aires on another occasion, we encourage patients to visit Dr. Sarmiento to take pictures and assess their satisfaction with the surgical outcome.

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